What makes Wizafir different than other company's prosthetics for LARPing and Cosplay?

Wizafir prosthetics all come with fine blending edges. This means you don't have to wear an ear cuff or use putty to hide the edge because the edge can blend smoothly to the skin with no visible seam. Also Wizafir sculpts pores, wrinkles, and other details into the pieces to add a more realistic texture.

Our pieces ane so lightweight and comfortable, you may forget you have them on.

There are many fun surprises waiting for you .

We have a new gallery page to display how people have used Wizafir products. Come check it out.

Our about page now has a copy of the application and removal instructions.

Giant Ears are Back!

Our Giant Ears are back. Although we call them Giant ears, they can be combined with the Ape Face or the Hook Nose to complete an ape or Dwarf look.

Wizafir Ears and Horns

Yes, the artists of Wizafir are making available our latex ears and horns. These comfortable and lightweight prosthetics are hollow cast latex. Ears available for only $13.99. Horns are only $10.99. Click here to get yours today. More styles are being designed. Check for updates.

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