How to apply the Wizafir Prosthetics:

Before beginning you will need the following:

Prosthetic adhesive (ex. Spirit Gum, Prosaide, etc...)
Adhesive remover (the proper remover for the adhesive you use)
Make up
Face powder

Prosthetic application: Clean skin with a non-greasy astringent and dry. Position the prosthetic and determine proper placement. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the underside of the prosthetic piece and to the skin where the piece will be adhered. After the adhesive has dried, press the piece down firmly, especially around the edges.

Make up application: After your prosthesis is firmly adhered, you can apply a sealer such as PAX paint or Prosaid to the piece and a little over the surrounding skin, then powder. You may then apply your make up of choice to blend. Or skip the sealer and use rubber mask greasepaint to cover the piece and blend.

Removal: Using a Q-tip, apply a small amount of remover along the edge of the piece. Slowly lift an edge and start applying remover underneath the piece. Keep working it under until the entire piece is free.

Storage: After the piece has dried completely, powder the underside of the prosthetic where the adhesive had been. Seal in a plastic bag and store in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight.

*NOTE* This product contains Latex. Some individuals may have an allergic reaction to latex. Do not use this product if you experience discomfort. Product has been powdered with cornstarch during the demolding process to prevent sticking.

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Wizafir prosthetics are manufactured in the U.S.A.

All information is given in good faith. We are NOT responsible for injuries due to the failure of following these instructions completely!


Wizafir started as a Photoshop experiment in creating fairy portraits. Some of the models started asking if they could get the fairy ears we were using. So we started making the fairy and goblin ears first and they became popular enough to consider maiking a living making ears and other prosthetics.


Maren Hart - Sales and Marketing: Maren handles the EBay, Etsy, and website shipping and is the one to talk to about shipping problems. She can be reached directly at

John Hart - Design & Packaging: John is the one who designs and sculpts the prosthetics and also designs the cards and packaging. If you have a technical question about how to apply or color your prosthetics, contact him at